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Bath Bombs - Lemon

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What it is:
Vooqo all-natural Bath Bombs are the best way to enjoy bath time while keeping the bathtub clean - a reward for making it through the day.

What it does:

  • Fight a cold: the steam along with essential oils will help to decongest your sinuses.
  • Send yourself off to sleep: after taking a few minutes to soak in warm, fragrant water, you probably already feel calm, relaxed, and ready to nod off.
  • Soothe your skin: get the opportunity to deeply moisturize by adding rich oils and butter to your bathwater.

What else do you need to know:

  • This product is vegan, cruelty-free, and is made only with natural and certified organic ingredients
  • Vooqo Bath Bombs are produced with high-quality raw materials to form a luxurious fizz